KeyTango is a forum for institutional investors to find, understand and participate in DeFi goods and services such as yield farming and liquidity pools. We agree that DeFi is intended to and should be more inclusive.
You may be a crypto veteran, but you may be a newbie. Starting today a series of posts will break into layman terms some of the core principles of DeFi.

Keytango is a unique staking platform that leveraged an unprecedented 96% of presale capital to form an instant, massive, and unremovable market on keytango has a 24 day launch period for investors to reserve keytango. Each day of launch, about 5 Million keytango are available, which are distributed proportionately according to the amount of total ETH sent for that place has a 2 day launch period for investors to reserve keytango. Each day of launch, about 5 Million keytango are available, which are distributed proportionately according to the amount of total ETH sent for that day. Lock up your keytango in order to earn interest over the duration. The longer you stake, the more interest you earn. You may access interest at any time for no fee but ending a stake early penalizes the principal. All fees and penalties are redistributed to other stakers.

This component of the keytango project trustlessly generates the main liquidity pool for keytango using the Uniswap protocol. Keytango are minted to investors who make reservations with ETH, and the ETH is paired with more keytango and sent to ether. This ownerless liquidity pool backs the value of all keytango tokens, and allows anyone to buy or sell large amounts of keytango at their leisure.

An interesting project with great prospects! A good and confident start, a large team that is interested in the rapid and powerful development of the project. This will certainly be a successful project as it has a great team that is more than qualified and focused on making this project a success Awesome Platform The project is managed by an experienced and qualified team which is able to take the project to the highest level in the shortest time.
All the successes of the project related to their team. A very interesting project with specific goals and a worthy team that will certainly achieve its goals.

The easiest way to get started with DeFi.

KeyTango is a Web3 application made for those who are struggling with complex UI/UX that looks straight out of the Bloomberg terminal, which acts as a frictionless gateway to popular DeFi products and services ready to be unraveled within a couple of clicks. Unlike Yearn, which takes some familiarity with deep DeFi as granted, we offer easy to grasp and navigate UI/UX, that empowers you with tailored content and suggestions based on your level of experience and your blockchain history
In today’s series, we’ll be taking a closer look at some of the key concepts in Market Making. You may be familiar with the term when it comes to the traditional financial world, but you’ll definitely need a speed boost to grasp the term’s position in the DeFi domain.
keyTango’s team is comprised of MIT, Ycombinator and Enigma MPC alumni. The team is backed by Outlier Ventures. keyTango takes a 3 step approach to enhance retail adoption:

1) Identifying trending products:
using network analysis, financial know-how and our network of investors, we are monitoring the Deep Defi ecosystem to identify the most attractive DeFi opportunities in real time and give guidance on how to optimise returns.

2) Smart contract execution:
we execute these strategies through smart contracts optimising for security, risk-adjusted return on capital (RAROC) and gas fees.

3) Simple & relevant UX:
we offer these strategies to retail investors through a simple UX/UI. The strategies are picked by our relevancy engine, tailored to the particular investor knowledge and risk appetite in a fashion that enables efficient discovery process and informed investment decision making.

The two distinct worlds of DeFi and how retail investors are losing out.

The two distinct worlds of DeFi and how retail investors are losing out.

1. DeFi is supposed to be inclusive but beyond basic products with fiat-like returns (APR < 10%), discovery and usability are too complex for retail investors. This is the leading reason that (1) 95% of all crypto assets still generate no interest and (2) 90% of all DeFi tokens are held by less than 500 wallets.

2. “Deep” DeFi products can generate mind-blowing returns (APR > 100%) from crypto and hold game-changing potential if opened up to retail investors. But these products use multiple underlying protocols and are therefore inherently complex.

3. keyTango provides an accessible and accommodating platform for retail investors to make sense of deep DeFi products, with tailored discovery, education and investment processes that are personalised for retail investors based on their goals, risk appetite and knowledge of DeFi products.

4. A wonderful company with great potential in the future, I believe in its success and advise you! The team becomes even stronger and more professional every day! This project includes a number of best things: an excellent team, an excellent product, a great idea, a great start! A genuine project good ratings and in my opinion it is reasonable to join this project,because I saw the future development..they have. A clear and impressive concept This project has a very bright future, because I really think this project is too perfect to be true. This is a very cool and innovative project. The future belongs to such projects as this
A good project, with a clear road map with experienced and successful team. I saw the project from the beginning, saw its development every day.

Right now, you have the opportunity to earn several tokens of the keyTango project. Join the reward program and be part of the project. A large number of awards have been allocated in the amount of 100,000 tokens, each token is valued at $ 0.433. There are tasks from different areas and everyone will find something interesting for themselves. Enjoy your participation.

Price Oracles In A Nutshell:

Oracles are basically third-party services that allow smart contracts within blockchains to receive external data from outside their ecosystem. Oracles serve as a data base that can be entered into a smart contract, one that allows them to access real-time data that is not yet on-line, much of which is the accurate price of properties. And if the oracles themselves are not data bases, they are layers that validate on-chain data relevant to real-world events and then send combined data to smart contracts.

Price oracle risk is the risk that such price feed may be skewed and the incorrect price will be inserted into a smart contract, wrongly decreasing or increasing the price of the commodity, providing an incentive for the manipulator to arbitrate. The effect of such exploitation is further compounded by the use of flash loans by attackers to leverage the arbitrage potential provided by price manipulation.

Many autonomous oracles use the ShellingCoin mechanism, where objective sources report data without validation from other sources. Due to the lack of this touch, these sources/agents disclose “true” data to the best of their capability while expecting other sources to do the same.

This system is susceptible to a number of issues, such as party-to-party collusion, messaging and even bribing. In comparison, in the case of a hacker attacking the data feed, there is no retaliatory process in operation. Even a single incorrect value may have major implications for applications that depend on an oracle.

Various DeFi protocols also launched price oracles to provide consumers with clear pricing details. For eg, Compound announced its decentralized price oracle, the Open Price Feed (OPF), in August. In the OPF, price reporters — such as cryptocurrency exchanges, DeFi protocols and OTC trading desks — may send price data using a known public key.
Users can obtain recorded pricing data by accessing the price reporters’ public API. The price oracle is decentralized, since price data can be sent and obtained without the use of the Compound Protocol infrastructure.

Market Making (MM):

In essence, Market Makers define liquidity and depth indicators in financial markets. They monitor the price of assets they are making in real time and they seize the opposite to the market trend which is often found in an advantageous position. Simply put, when most traders on the market try to sell an asset, market makers would buy it, and when most traders on the market try to buy an asset, market makers would sell it. By doing so, market makers play a regulatory role in asset price while preventing unpredictable spikes in price due to poor liquidity.

Players in the market
- Uniswap
Uniswap was the first true decentralized AMM to enter the market in November 2019. Uniswap allows for anyone to deploy a liquidity pool on the network, and enables any other trader in the ecosystem to contribute liquidity.
- Balancer
Balancer is considered to be the pioneer of AMMs recently released onto the market. Balancer functions similarly to Uniswap but also offers industry-first, dynamic features that enable the protocol in having a broader arsenal of AMM use-cases.
- Curve
Another yet fresh AMM protocol to enter the DeFi ecosystem in early 2020 was Curve Finance. Curve has admin-only generated liquidity pools where everyone can contribute to these pools, but they have one big distinction; Curve’s liquidity pools only support stablecoins.

Liquidity Pools:
Liquidity pools are pools of tokens that provides liquidity to DEXs. Investors (AKA LP's) act as market makers, using AMM (automated market making) mechanisms on these exchanges. In its most basic form, liquidity pools keeps a 50:50 value ratio between ETH and a second token.


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